Scalable digital marketing for your business needs.

Digital marketing doesn't have to be all or nothing. We provide a tiered marketing system that grows with you and your company.
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We are people just like you! Our dedication to helping our clients is the same whether you are a small independent shop or a multi-national corporation.
Working with Champagne Agency Ltd has helped us achieve our goals of scalable email marketing to our >3000 prospect list. Our initial fears of generic content, poor technical knowledge, and robotic feel were quickly dismissed by their team’s care and flexibility in creating a unique campaign with our brand identity, values, and content knowledge.
Terry Wang
Head of Marketing at Freightpath
CAL has been a vital part of our marketing team. I especially appreciate being able to share our big picture goals with them, and trusting them to manage and execute on email, web, and social strategies to achieve them. They are flexible, creative, and help take our budget farther than we thought possible.
Peter Keckemet
CEO at Joe Chocolate Co.
The team at Champagne Agency was so integral to our email marketing success. Coming from a background of working full-time and running a business, I don’t have the time to sit and create campaigns or think about strategy. Thankfully CAL takes a consultative, business owner approach to their creative process. They truly understand the vision of my brand and come up with their own campaigns and solutions. They’re an essential service to any business looking to grow its digital marketing presence.
Rami Nasr
CEO at From The Ground Up
The results for my business after working with CAL have been amazing: their team of experts have helped create a customer generating social media strategy and helped boost sales through our email marketing stream. They have been instrumental in driving leads and returning customers to our Shopify & Amazon stores. I couldn’t be happier with CAL’s level of dedication and attention to detail, and I highly recommend this agency to any company looking to raise their digital marketing quality standards.
Karim Bhai
Partner at UmbrellaFund
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our services

We provide a tailored digital marketing service that helps effectively grow customer bases and engage target audiences. So far, we have found the following marketing tactics most effective for our clients:
your career

your career

We are always looking for talented and dedicated project managers and designers to join our team. If helping customers and having fun doing it sounds like a job for you, we would love to hear from you!
The Project Manager position at CAL will be working with multiple designers and meeting with clients to provide customers with beautiful campaigns. They will also manage the automation, organization and scheduling of reoccurring emails.
The Designer position at CAL will be working with multiple clients across different domains to produce stunning designs. They will be working with our software to design and deliver specialized emails and custom templates.
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contact us

Conversing and communicating with clients is the very nature of our business.

We promise to never forget that there is a human on the receiving end, because reaching out and creating connections is why we started CAL.

Whether it's to have a discussion about working with our team, or having a chat about our design and strategy, we are always interested in connecting with people and making new friends.

Drop us a line and we will respond to the best of our abilities.
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